Mikey Brown's “Six Offender” Oval Window Drag Car

Mikey Brown's “Six Offender” Oval Window Drag Car

Story by Chadly Johnson

Photographs by Trent Sherrill: Trent Sherril Photogtaphy

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            Mikey Brown put together a sweet inline 6 powered slingshot known as the Seam Ripper.  The dragster has campaigned locally in the MidWest, and increased Mikey's passion for drag racing.  As with most things car related, one is not enough, so Mikey started to make plans for The Ripper II.  The build was centered around another inline 6, this time a Chevy 292 running a Sissell head.  The hot little mill had already been dyno'd and was cranking out an impressive 380hp with 412 lb feet of torque.  Mikey had the heart beat of his next build.

            For his 2nd drag car Mikey wanted a chutepack car, but for what he had in mind dimensionally, it just wasn't going to work out.  As he researched and pondered more, he quickly became obsessed with the thought of an altered.  With his new path set, Mikey began looking at Model Ts and similarly priced low cost bodies. Mikey even pondered a fiberglass 32-34 Ford, but a trip to the infamous “March Meet” in Bakersfield, CA would steer him in yet another new direction. 

            With the thought that he would see lots of altered drag cars for ideas and inspiration, Mikey found himself in a sea of mostly funny cars.  While wondering the drags, Mikey spotted something across the street from the event...it was an old VW Beetle drag car that was for sale.  The survivor Volkswagen still retained its lettering from its glory days that read “All American Kraut.”  The Beetle was glorious, and spoke deeply to Mikey as he has always loved VWs and has a killer 56 Single Cab Bus parked in his shop at home that he restored.  Mikey wanted the old drag car bad, but had no way to get it home to the MidWest without blowing the budget.  Mikey said having to leave the Beetle behind kinda ruined the trip for him.  Mike's good buddy and fellow drag racer Patick Hampton asked “Now you need a Beetle don't you?”  The answer was YES!

            Mikey drew up a concept for a Beetle drag car, and the hunt was on for a body.  A body came up for sale in N. Carolina, and it was better than imaged as it was an early Beetle, an Oval Window in fact.  Now all you VW guys, don't go getting upset.  The body was an absolutely gutted shell, perfect for what Mikey had in mind, and he could live with himself as he wasn't cutting up a complete car.  The body was affordable, and soon in Mikey's shop.

            The first thing Mikey did was tackle the chassis build with the help of some buddies.  While the chassis build was underway Mikey started researching fiberglass components such as doors, hood, etc.  Thinking he would be shopping in California, Mike was shocked to find out he could purchase everything he needed just a couple hours away from David Wiley at Creative Car Craft.  The parts were ordered up and mocked up with the body on the chassis.  The damn thing looked ready to go race, but first it needed paint, and there was only one man for the job...Patrick Hampton.

            Patrick had already painted a number of Mikey's creations, so they both understood each others style. Patrick informed Mikey that he may change the color, but he wanted to know what Mikey would say.  Mikey stated that his very first VW was orange, so that could be cool, and Patrick agreed.  Nothing else about the paint scheme was discussed, Mikey simply let the artist do his thing, and man did it turn out awesome!  The colors are incredible together.  There is pearl under the paint, and on top of the Beetle's paint, and the combo is crazy in the sunlight.  The paint work was finished when Dave North of North Signs performed the gorgeous variegated copper lettering that spells out the words “Six Offender.”  The name was derived from the devious mind of Patrick and fits right in with the theme of many past builds from their group of friends.  

             The chassis was finished by the time the body made it back to Mikey's shop, and is fully functional without the Beetle body on it.  The reasoning for this was for the ease of working on the chassis in the pits, and so a new body could be swapped if this one was ever destroyed.  The zoomie style exhaust was built by Mikey out of a bunch of U-bends, and is very wicked looking hanging out one side of the Oval Window's body.  The drag car was officially “finished” the day before the Pie Eating Contest drags.  As a highly skilled upholsterer, Mikey whipped together a 1” pleated interior that evening and loaded up the never before driven Beetle so he could compete at the event.

            In the end, the Six Offender turned out somewhere between Mikey's Single Cab Bus, and his other drag car The Seam Ripper...and that is just perfect.  Mikey wanted a nostalgic build, but also a great bracket car to race, and it all came together in the Six Offender.  Watch for this nasty little drag Bug as Mikey has plans to campaign it all over the US, especially at Bakersfield where the whole concept got its spark.

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